Adaptation of vitrified and cabinets, dimensioning

Adaptation of vitrified and cabinets, dimensioning

When dimensioning the bathroom cabinets, you must take into account the dimensions of the room and the dimensions of the stationary elements. And exactly what dimensions should a bathroom cabinet for your house?

  • First of all, draw the bathroom plan as a sketch and measure the height, walls, doors, and windows in this drawing. This plan will guide you for every object you choose.
  • Take measurements of constants such as closets, cabinets, sinks and make a note of your plan.
  • Determine the width of the mirror you need to determine the approximate size.
  • Note how many units and what kind of wardrobe you want. For example; with 3 drawers under the sink, two cupboards with a door next to the door. Be sure to include the dimensions of the space in which you place these cabinets.
  • If you need items such as shelves and hangers, also note the features you have in mind.

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Keanu Samiz

October 31,2018 at 11.01 am.